Friday, May 1, 2015

I Blew It.

      This post is a reflection over the past few months regarding the project I undertook. This project of course is the Food Critic position where I would go to various food joints and eat their food, then rate it. This project turned out to be very, very easy. And now looking back very, very disappointing.
      I decided in January to turn to this new project based on my failure to complete any work on my first project which was creating a phone app. This new project was designed to be fun and easy without having too much effort. This proved to be a grave mistake once I saw all of my friends and fellow classmates do their projects. They were accomplishing amazing things and having so much fun doing it. Looking back, I wish that was me. All I would do is eat food, I didn't make a fundraiser or build a boat, I didn't meet my potential. I just wish I would've given myself more of a challenge to embellish my talents of whatever I would do. Obviously this post has proven to be very discouraging and sad. I have to give a speech in a couple weeks and I'm torn wether or not I should make a speech about blowing 20 time entirely or not. The other possibility is giving a speech about how technology at the table can be used as an enhancement as well as a detriment. Whether or not I decide to do the speech where I explained how I failed myself, I will always know in my heart that I did. I was given an amazing opportunity by having this time to do whatever I wanted and accomplish anything I dreamed of. But I failed my project, I failed 20 Time, and I failed myself.


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