Monday, March 23, 2015

The City Kitchen

Hello! Sadly I was not able to go somewhere this week but here's my experience of when I went to the City Kitchen:

    The feel of the restaurant was very warm and homely, it had the feel of a very fancy with a hint of casual there, so you could wear a sweater and not just a suit. But I was sat and ordered my drink as well as a starter of the calamari, the calamari came out of a skinny plate with a red pepper sauce. The calamari tasted delicious making sure it was not too greasy and not too fried.The sauce gave it a taste similar to marinara sauce but a just a little more kick. As my main meal came out, a sirloin penne: tenderloin tips tossed with penne pasta, asparagus, roasted mushrooms and tomatoes in a roasted garlic cream sauce. Which was brilliant, The balance from the creaminess of the sauce to the mouth watering tenderloin was perfect. The penne noodles provided a great texture to the dish, while the asparagus and mushrooms were a great add on to have and tasted amazing in the garlic sauce. Every part of my meal was quite amazing and they will get my business once again for sure.

Overall: 4.75/5

    Hi again! I just wanted to say that starting in two weeks my posts will be amped up. I have been looking at different food reviews from The New Yorker and The Detroit Free Press and deciding that I need to step my game up. Starting in a few weeks I will include things like pictures and much more detail about the food I'm eating, like where it came from and also the prices one should expect going into the restaurant. So, I guess I'll see you in a few weeks! Happy eatings! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Firehouse Pub!

This time... It was my fathers choice where we went for dinner. As a Detroit Firefighter it wasn't really a surprise when he chose The Firehouse Pub. This place was basically a bar with tables. Merry drinking and vintage firefighting posters as far as the eye can see. All I had to order was the ribs with a side of their garlic fries. The ribs had a combination of dry rub and sauce on them. I imagine this is to improve the flavor and make it better. But sadly, it didn't and failed horribly at it. The ribs weren't very good at all. They tasted very bland with a hint of BBQ sauce as an after taste. They also only had Pepsi, another cut throat mistake. Any good place has a good refreshing Coke. Though the fries were not very good at all. They came out wire cold and I couldn't taste the seasoning almost at all. This place as a whole was very disappointing and will not receive my buisness again. 
Overall : 2 out of 5