Monday, January 12, 2015

Bluefin Sushi!

    I went to Bluefin Sushi with my girlfriend this week. Here's how it went:

    As we walk through the door we are transported to a modern sushi shop in downtown Tokyo. It is small, with a bar and few tables. That waitress brings us out our menu's and I order a Mountain Dew. "They have seemed to have gotten my order wrong" as I drink what they call Mountain Dew, as I feel like I'm tasting watered down horse urine. Finally we order our sushi: 2 BBQ eel, 2 octopus, 2 pepper seared salmon, and 2 king crab. Before our main course comes out we both have a cup of miso soup, which unfortunately is filled with little white blocks; tofu. I guess this soup is great for veggiarians and vegans, but not me. Then we get a salad to share, which consists of seaweed and tuna. Obviously the tuna did not taste like anything too magnificent since it was raw, but the seaweed held a strong delicious sushi- like flavor that I wouldn't expect out of just seaweed. Once our sushi comes out the first thing I notice is the presentation. The pieces are arranged beautifully on this medium sized plate. No complaints there. We started with the king crab. King crab is a favorite of mine, I love the taste and the sushi didn't dissapoint. It was sweet and succulent with the classic smooth texture of crab that I love so much. Next was the eel, again very delicious it was slightly crunchy around the edges with a great BBQ sauce. The octopus was rubbery as to be expected, it was kind of hard to get the whole piece down at once but I managed. The pepper seared salmon left much to be desired though. The taste only consisted of pepper and not the great taste of salmon that I love. As we finish and ask for our bill the waitress asks if we would like any dessert. Me, not knowing what a sushi place would give me for dessert, graciously declined. Though as I looked at the bill my heart felt like it ate 100 desserts. So I payed and tipped and didn't look back at all my money I had lost. 

Overall: 3.5/ 5 

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