Sunday, January 11, 2015

A complete 180!

    Well I have decided that maybe the whole app thing is not my passion. Week by week I have found myself putting it off and only doing it because I felt forced rather than being excited to move forward like I should be. Thus, I have decided to change direction with my 20 time project and look into another one of my passions, food. I love nothing more than to have a good meal. And now I can do that and tell you how I feel about them! I will be doing weekly reviews of restaurants. Talking about the food and atmosphere about them and giving an overall rating. I will be open to all suggestions in the comments section of all of my posts!

    My first review will be on a separate post that I hope to have up by Monday. I have to decide the place and make sure it isn't something like McDonald's or something like that. Maybe I will go to Bluefin Sushi, or possibly Small Plates. All the restaurants I will be going to and reviewing will be  in the Grosse Pointe area, to let you know the good places to eat around town! Happy Eatings!

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