Friday, May 1, 2015

I Blew It.

      This post is a reflection over the past few months regarding the project I undertook. This project of course is the Food Critic position where I would go to various food joints and eat their food, then rate it. This project turned out to be very, very easy. And now looking back very, very disappointing.
      I decided in January to turn to this new project based on my failure to complete any work on my first project which was creating a phone app. This new project was designed to be fun and easy without having too much effort. This proved to be a grave mistake once I saw all of my friends and fellow classmates do their projects. They were accomplishing amazing things and having so much fun doing it. Looking back, I wish that was me. All I would do is eat food, I didn't make a fundraiser or build a boat, I didn't meet my potential. I just wish I would've given myself more of a challenge to embellish my talents of whatever I would do. Obviously this post has proven to be very discouraging and sad. I have to give a speech in a couple weeks and I'm torn wether or not I should make a speech about blowing 20 time entirely or not. The other possibility is giving a speech about how technology at the table can be used as an enhancement as well as a detriment. Whether or not I decide to do the speech where I explained how I failed myself, I will always know in my heart that I did. I was given an amazing opportunity by having this time to do whatever I wanted and accomplish anything I dreamed of. But I failed my project, I failed 20 Time, and I failed myself.


Monday, March 23, 2015

The City Kitchen

Hello! Sadly I was not able to go somewhere this week but here's my experience of when I went to the City Kitchen:

    The feel of the restaurant was very warm and homely, it had the feel of a very fancy with a hint of casual there, so you could wear a sweater and not just a suit. But I was sat and ordered my drink as well as a starter of the calamari, the calamari came out of a skinny plate with a red pepper sauce. The calamari tasted delicious making sure it was not too greasy and not too fried.The sauce gave it a taste similar to marinara sauce but a just a little more kick. As my main meal came out, a sirloin penne: tenderloin tips tossed with penne pasta, asparagus, roasted mushrooms and tomatoes in a roasted garlic cream sauce. Which was brilliant, The balance from the creaminess of the sauce to the mouth watering tenderloin was perfect. The penne noodles provided a great texture to the dish, while the asparagus and mushrooms were a great add on to have and tasted amazing in the garlic sauce. Every part of my meal was quite amazing and they will get my business once again for sure.

Overall: 4.75/5

    Hi again! I just wanted to say that starting in two weeks my posts will be amped up. I have been looking at different food reviews from The New Yorker and The Detroit Free Press and deciding that I need to step my game up. Starting in a few weeks I will include things like pictures and much more detail about the food I'm eating, like where it came from and also the prices one should expect going into the restaurant. So, I guess I'll see you in a few weeks! Happy eatings! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Firehouse Pub!

This time... It was my fathers choice where we went for dinner. As a Detroit Firefighter it wasn't really a surprise when he chose The Firehouse Pub. This place was basically a bar with tables. Merry drinking and vintage firefighting posters as far as the eye can see. All I had to order was the ribs with a side of their garlic fries. The ribs had a combination of dry rub and sauce on them. I imagine this is to improve the flavor and make it better. But sadly, it didn't and failed horribly at it. The ribs weren't very good at all. They tasted very bland with a hint of BBQ sauce as an after taste. They also only had Pepsi, another cut throat mistake. Any good place has a good refreshing Coke. Though the fries were not very good at all. They came out wire cold and I couldn't taste the seasoning almost at all. This place as a whole was very disappointing and will not receive my buisness again. 
Overall : 2 out of 5

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Hill!

Hello! And happy Valentines Day and winter break to everyone. For Valentines Day dinner I took my girlfriend to The Hill Chop House & Seafood and got the Valentines Day's special, here's how it went:

For our first dish we had chocolate covered strawberries... In a drink. We were given both elevated shot glasses which was not what I expected. I inside the glass was strawberry juice with chocolate topped and rimmed on it. The drink tasted awful, so bitter with almost no sweet to contrast which I assume they were going for. But my girlfriend and I had fun trying to get it down as fast as possible. 

The second dish to come out was a Tomato Bisque. I mean, pretty hard to screw up. The bisque tasted like pizza sauce that was warm and poured into a bowl. As you can see I'm not a huge fan of tomato-based soups.

Our main dish finally comes out. A 10oz filet mignon and two lobster tails. We split the dish in half obviously and each had 5oz and one tail. The lobster was just heavenly and melted in my mouth. It was so sweet and so succulent and it made my mouth very happy. The filet was good, very tender and very juicy. Though not the best steak I have ever eaten it was quite good. We were also served a standard mashed potatoes and asparagus as our sides.

For desert we were given a single milk shake to share. It was a chocolate milkshake that was basically the same as anywhere you'd buy one. Though it was a nice touch to end the meal. The bill was paid with one eye open and we called for our valet. As I drove away I knew I'd return to this restaurant, for it had potential to make my mouth into a river. But sadly that was not this visit. 

Overall: 3 out of 5

Friday, February 6, 2015


I decided to venture on my own this week and I found myself at Jumps! This is how it went:

    As I walk into the restaurant there is a very homely and warm feel. A waitress comes up to me and I am seated and given a menu. Though I'm too amazed by the gigantic silverware to look at the menu right away. But when I do I am very disappointed, the menu is exceedingly small  with very few choices. Not really my cup of tea, but I do know that very fancy and good restaurants have these kinds of menu's so I have faith. I look throught the menu and I only understand about 10 out of the 20 things on the menu being 15 years old and all. But I order the good old fashioned French Toast with a side of bacon and a water. Obviously the water was nothing special, water is water. But the appearance of my meal when it was served was very promising. They also delivered hot syrup to my table, and my god that syrup was amazing, so sweet and the fact that it was hot made it all the better. The bacon was sizzled to perfection and had a very good ratio of meat to tasty fat on each strip with a mild crispyness. And when dipped in the syrup it tasted like the last supper in my mouth. The French Toast however tasted like a large soft piece of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It had no special features other than too much cinnamon. There also was no powered sugar witch was disappointing and I received butter through plastic containers like I was at a Big Boy's. The meal was aberage at best overall. The main meal of the toast was a large dissapontment and made me leave thinking I could have a better meal made myself. I paid my bill, tipped and left. Reminding myself that people will pay a lot of money for poor food at a fancy and well known place. 

Overall: 3 out of 5

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bluefin Sushi!

    I went to Bluefin Sushi with my girlfriend this week. Here's how it went:

    As we walk through the door we are transported to a modern sushi shop in downtown Tokyo. It is small, with a bar and few tables. That waitress brings us out our menu's and I order a Mountain Dew. "They have seemed to have gotten my order wrong" as I drink what they call Mountain Dew, as I feel like I'm tasting watered down horse urine. Finally we order our sushi: 2 BBQ eel, 2 octopus, 2 pepper seared salmon, and 2 king crab. Before our main course comes out we both have a cup of miso soup, which unfortunately is filled with little white blocks; tofu. I guess this soup is great for veggiarians and vegans, but not me. Then we get a salad to share, which consists of seaweed and tuna. Obviously the tuna did not taste like anything too magnificent since it was raw, but the seaweed held a strong delicious sushi- like flavor that I wouldn't expect out of just seaweed. Once our sushi comes out the first thing I notice is the presentation. The pieces are arranged beautifully on this medium sized plate. No complaints there. We started with the king crab. King crab is a favorite of mine, I love the taste and the sushi didn't dissapoint. It was sweet and succulent with the classic smooth texture of crab that I love so much. Next was the eel, again very delicious it was slightly crunchy around the edges with a great BBQ sauce. The octopus was rubbery as to be expected, it was kind of hard to get the whole piece down at once but I managed. The pepper seared salmon left much to be desired though. The taste only consisted of pepper and not the great taste of salmon that I love. As we finish and ask for our bill the waitress asks if we would like any dessert. Me, not knowing what a sushi place would give me for dessert, graciously declined. Though as I looked at the bill my heart felt like it ate 100 desserts. So I payed and tipped and didn't look back at all my money I had lost. 

Overall: 3.5/ 5 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A complete 180!

    Well I have decided that maybe the whole app thing is not my passion. Week by week I have found myself putting it off and only doing it because I felt forced rather than being excited to move forward like I should be. Thus, I have decided to change direction with my 20 time project and look into another one of my passions, food. I love nothing more than to have a good meal. And now I can do that and tell you how I feel about them! I will be doing weekly reviews of restaurants. Talking about the food and atmosphere about them and giving an overall rating. I will be open to all suggestions in the comments section of all of my posts!

    My first review will be on a separate post that I hope to have up by Monday. I have to decide the place and make sure it isn't something like McDonald's or something like that. Maybe I will go to Bluefin Sushi, or possibly Small Plates. All the restaurants I will be going to and reviewing will be  in the Grosse Pointe area, to let you know the good places to eat around town! Happy Eatings!